Duomo of Milan

The Duomo, with its Madonnina on the highest spire overlooking the entire city, is majesty, spirituality and tradition. It is the symbol of Milan. It is located in the square sharing the same name and it is dedicated to the Nascent Virgin.

Every year it receives thousands of tourists, attracted by the neogothic features of a monument whose construction was started in 1386 and completed in the 19th century. It has experienced a lof of maintenance and restoration works.The central bronze gate was damaged by bombs during the second world war, while glass walls were removed in time and replaced by canvas rolls. The Duomo of Milan has five naves,its plant is a Latin cross and the church is 158m long. In fact, it is one of the longest churches of Europe. The Dome is rich of pinnacles, saints, statues, relics, bishop tombs, monsters and griffons. It is the burial place of St Borromeo. Not to be missed the crypt, the treasure, with the famous silver chapel, and the terraces, with a wonderful view on the square and spires. It is linked by underground and public transportation.

The top 10 things to visit in Milan:

  1. Duomo of Milan
  2. Gae Aulenti Square and the new Garibaldi district with its skyline
  3. La Scala and museum of 20th century
  4. Sforza Castle
  5. Quadrilatero della moda (the quadrilateral of fashion”)
  6. Basilica of St Ambrose
  7. Academy of Brera
  8. Navigli, night movida and restaurants
  9. Meazza Stadium
  10. St Lawrence’s columns
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