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It is diffult to put into words the beauty of Florence: its palaces, its historic centre and churches, its history speaking with the voices of the Medici, Raffaello and Leonardo.

Known as the Renaissance cradle, Florence has preserved its beauty in the time. It appears capricious and determined to be appreciated in its essence. There is no place in the world like Florence. Here the Italian language was born; here, Dante was inspired for his Divine Comedy; here, a great part of the Italian history has developped through attacks and sacks and always here there is that part of Italy all world loves, that is Italy of art and culture.

Florence is the regional capital of Tuscany; its first settlement dates back to the 10th century B.C., when some groups from Villanova settled along the Arno. In about year 1000 it became a Municipality and it started its expansion in the surroundings. Between the 10th and the 12th century, a lot of churches and new walls were built to the north of  the Arno. In the 13th -14th century Cistercian monks imported Gothic style from France and a lot of new buildings and the Church of Santa Maria Novella were built.

In the Renaissance, the city changed and works by artists like Brunelleschi appeared in the already wonderful Florence. The list of painters, scupltors and architects of this period is long, among them Donatello, Masaccio, Michelangelo. Everyone contributed to make Florence unique and rich of priceless works.

No city in the world has too many things to offer like the precious Florence.

Florence Tourist Travel Guide

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