The most famous squares

Piazza Sordello, the old Piazza San Pietro, is the most important square and the heart of Mantova. Here we find Palazzo Sordello, dedicated to the poet Sordello da Goito, and many other buildings.

The Duomo of Mantova is near the square. The cathedral is consecrated to St Peter and it has paleochristian origins. The present building is larger than the original project and it presents five naves and some lateral chapels. The current ornate facade was built in 1755 by Nicolò Baschiera.To see the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament with works by Felice Campi and Paolo Pozzo; the Chapel of the Crowned with frescos by Andreasino.

In Piazza Sordello there is the House of Rigoletto and the beautiful “Gilda’s balcony”, always decorated with flowers and plants. In the past, the house was located in an area where a building linked Palazzo Ducale with St Peter’s Cathedral. In 70’s it was abandoned and it was in owful conservation conditions. Thanks to some private aids, it was restored. Today, in its small garden, you can admire the wonderdul statue of the court jester, a fantasy character who has never lived in that house; in fact, it is a canon house.

Another important square is Piazza delle Erbe, where we find the Palace of Reason, the Rotonda di San Lorenzo (the oldest church of the city) and the Clock Tower. The Palace of Reason was built with bricks in 1250; it has two floors with typical medieval battlements. Luca Fancelli designed the the tower, while the clock is a work by the court astrologist Bartolomeo Manfredi.The square is rich of historic buildings and palaces, such as the house of the merchant Boniforte da Concorezzo and the Tower of Salaro, an old salt warehouse.

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