Piazza Gae Aulenti and the new Garibaldi district

In the new Garibaldi district you can admire a new unusual and architectural Milan.

A requalification project which led to the construction of residential buildings, panoramic towers, new business centres, futuristic districts and squares, green areas and cycle paths which have really changed the city’s skyline. Gae Aulenti Square was designed by the Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli and it is one of the most beautiful squares of the new Milan.It is in the eastern zone and you can get it from Porta Garibadi railway station. It hosts Unicredit Tower, which is the highest skyscraper of Italy with its 230 m. The square is decorated with fountains, light works and artistic installations, like the famous sinuous bench-sculpture which runs around three fountains with its 105 m of length. From the square, you can enjoy a beautiful view on Pirelli skyscraper, Diamante Tower and all the new Garibaldi District.

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The top 10 things to visit in Milan:

  1. Duomo of Milan
  2. Gae Aulenti Square and the new Garibaldi district with its skyline
  3. La Scala and museum of 20th century
  4. Sforza Castle
  5. Quadrilatero della moda (the quadrilateral of fashion”)
  6. Basilica of St Ambrose
  7. Academy of Brera
  8. Navigli, night movida and restaurants
  9. Meazza Stadium
  10. St Lawrence’s columns
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