What to see in Como

The Duomo of Como is dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption. Imposing and magnificent, the cathedral overlooks the city and it is the fist monument to visit.

Its building dates back to 1396 and it was completed in 1740 with the installation of Juvara’s dome. The result is what we see today. A church in Gothic and Renaissance style, considered one of the most beautiful monuments of Northern Italy.To admire its facade, the big marble gate, its Gothic naves, statues and windows. The church has three naves divided by 10 pillars. It hosts the Baptistery by Leonardo da Corona, nine Renaissance tapestries coming from the workshops of Ferrara, Florence and Flanders, scupltures by Rodari and paintings by Ferrari and Luini.

Duomo of Como
Piazza Duomo, 6
22100 Como CO
Opening times: everyday from 8.00 to 18.30
E-mail: info@cattedraledicomo.it
Tel. 031 331 2275

Broletto Palace is located within the ancient medieval walls, in Piazza Duomo. It dates back to 1200 and it was the old Town Hall. It is in Gothic-Roman style with some Renaissance elements on the facade. The white, grey and red marble bands amplify its elegance. The building is made up of tower, an old gate on the ground floor and a meeting room on the first floor. It was not only the seat of the Town Hall; in 1764 it became also a theatre and later an archive. Broletto palace has been restored several times over the years. In particular, its facades were restored in 1977 and its roof was restored in 1999.

Broletto Palace
Piazza Duomo
22100 Como CO
E-mail: cultura@comune.como.it
Tel. 031/252352 – 057

Tempio Voltiano (Temple of Volta) is a recent monument, built on the commission of Francesco Somaini between the 19th – 20th  century to celebrate the inventor of the fisrt electrical battery who was born in Como. This way, he tried to find a solution to the fire of 1899 which destroyed part of the Volta Exposition of Como. It was inaugurated and offered to the city in 1928. It is made up of a circular room with a diameter of 12 metres, a central dome with four pillars and eight marble columns. It hosts scientific tools, drawnings and reconstructions of Alessandro Volta’s works.

Temple of Volta
Viale Marconi
22100 Como CO
Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00-12.00/14.00-16.00 (from October to Mars); 10.00-12.00/15.00-18.00 (from April to September)
Closing: on Mondays, November 1, December 8,25 and 26, January 1
Ticket: 4€, 2€ reduced price; free every first Sunday of the month
E-mail: musei.civici@comune.como.it
Tel. 031 574705
Fax 031 268053

Villa Olmo is located in a wonderful park and its is one of the most beautiful neoclassical villas of the region. The villa was named after an elmtree planted in the middle of the ornate gardens, which is no longer alive today. It was built by the architect Simone Cantoni on the commission of the marquess Inoocenzo Odescalchi in the late 18th century. It was inherited by the marquess Giorgio Raimondi in 1824, but it was confiscated after his exile in Switzerland because of its insurrectionary ideas. In 1883 it passed to the Duke Guido Visconti di Modrone who restored the park and built a theatre. The rooms are decorated with stuccos, statues and frescos. In 1924 it was acquired by the Municipality of Como. Today, it hosts exhibitions and events and it is open to visitors.

Villa Olmo
Via Cantoni 1
22100 Como CO
Opening times: from 9.00 to 17.00, from Monday to Saturday (Villa Olmo); the park is open every day and it is free
E-mail: cultura@comune.como.it
Tel. 031/252352 – 057

The Church of Sant’Abbondio is a Roman building built in 1000 on an old paloechristian church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul. It is considered a real masterpiece. The facade is in stone from Moltrasio. The church has five naves and it hosts Roman bas reliefs, frescos of the 12th century on the apse, while the patron saint’s relics are on the altar. The organ by Mascioni has electrical transmission and the wonderful gate is decorated with low reliefs and sculptures.

Church Sant’Abbondio
Via Regina Teodolinda
22100 Como CO
Opening times: everyday from 8.00 to 18.00; in winter from 8.00 to 16.30

Walking on Como promenade is compulsory. The place is wonderful, relaxing and quiet. It is about 3km long and it offers a wonderful view on the villas, the Duomo and the Temple of Volta. The walk is more pleasant when particular events or holidays occur and the place is embellished with little markets and stalls. It is a romantic and relaxing place. It is continously subject to maintenace works.

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